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My name is Andrew Manzanero, and I am currently a junior studying Computer Science at the University of Southern California. I am a builder, developer, and software engineer that loves to take on fun projects that help others!


I am really interested in full-stack web development, dev-ops, and infrastructure. In general, I love to learn new things and explore where tech can take us.

Aside from tech, I am very passionate about promoting Hispanic/Latinx representation in STEM fields, especially tech. I am involved with SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) at USC and contribute to an underrepresented community where STEM careers are not typically something people of color consider when growing up.

I also love powerlifting, cooking, and cold brewing coffee ☕️

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WhiteBoard is an interactive web-app that simulates a waiting line for office hours in our computer science building at USC, SAL.
WhiteBoard homepage
Web Application
SHPE Study Nights Tutor Scheduler
Web-app that schedules peer-to-peer appointments, offers SHPE Study Nights check ins, and provides previous/current students who have taken similar courses.
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Web Application
Ultrasonic Rangefinder
Range finding device that uses ultrasonic pulses to determine distance using Arduino controller. Also has capability to communicate with other range-finding devices.
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Launched web app using React.js and Material UI for power lifting athletes to calculate scores and rankings with the new IPF formula
Web Application


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Why I switched from Mechanical Engineering to Computer Science

Why I switched from Mechanical Engineering to Computer Science
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